Hot Tips

Interact with people! Make plans to have a family or friends night out. For couples plan a date night. Make it an activity where you all have to talk to each other. Make everyone put their cell phones in one place so that you have to talk to each other Create a family night where at least once a week you all have to talk with each other, play a game, have bible study, try to not use electronic devices. Use the calendar on your phone to schedule reminders for yourself to call people. Have a potluck, encourage people to … Continue reading Hot Tips

Being Nanekia…..

(Lisa’s Suicide, Part 2) So I’m going to go ahead and finish up my take on Lisa’s Suicide. In case you missed my other posts, I love Being Mary Jane, life lessons, compare to me, Season 3 Episode 3.  I wanted to push through the introduction so that I can get to the meat of this post.  As always transparency is my policy.  This is my life and I’m sharing it with you in hopes that we can spark some conversations to help each other.  So let’s get started. During Lisa’s funeral, Mary Janes gives the best eulogy…..We are all … Continue reading Being Nanekia…..