Hot Mom, Hot Topics: To My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

we first meetThree years ago Sunday my life changed forever. It was the day my family became complete and we welcomed my daughter Anissa into the world.  A whole month early from her expected due date I remember that morning like it was yesterday.  4:24am my water broke and we leaped into action.  Chef was already in the car and I was making phone calls.  It’s amazing the stuff you think of while in an emergency situation.  My hair, for one, looked like I had woke up at 4:24am.  I put on my earrings, changed clothes and finally made it to the car.  Chef was not happy about my slow roll (I was ticked I had left my lip gloss).  We got to the hospital and this little stubborn diva decided to play all day and make her appearance at 10:16pm.  From the moment we meant I knew this little girl was going to steal all of our hearts and that she was the final piece to complete our family.  She is quirky, smart, stubborn, happy, funny, crazy, beautiful, joyful, and full of love.  There is not a moment in the day I can’t reflect on her and not smile.  She truly is our little blessing.  I’m thankful God saw fit to bring our family together and to make Anissa the glue.  So today’s post will be my letter to Anissa on her wedding day.

Dear Anissa,

Time has flown by and I am extremely proud of the young woman you have become. You continue to amaze your father and I on a daily basis.  We love you with all of our hearts and as you enter this new chapter of your life our prayer is that you are blessed with a god-fearing, loving, loyal, and humorous man.  You are truly a treasure and I know that my future son-in-law has realized what a great gift he is receiving.  But more than that I am proud that you know you are a gift and that you continue to keep God as the head of your life and acknowledge Him in all that you do.  As I look back on memories of you growing up you have always shined bright like a diamond.  Your personality is electric and you are a natural born leader.  As you prepare to become a leader in your own home I know we have instilled in you the tools you need to bring love, joy, and peace into the lives around you.

For all those mornings in the car on our way to school that I made you pray, it was to make sure you knew that God should always start your day. No matter what goes on in your life, you have to be battle ready and that starts with God first.  I pray that you will continue this tradition with your own family.  As always in our prayers I ask God to cover you and your siblings, we thank Him for our blessings seen and unseen, we acknowledge that we are sinners and ask for forgiveness, and then don’t forget to pray for those that come up against you.  Remember it’s easy to pray for those that love you and make your life easy, it takes a true believer to pray for those that would come up against you.  You are a bright and shining star so spread those prayers around.

For every time Daddy embarrassed you with his dance routine or rap battle skills, know that no other man daddy daughterwill ever love you like he does. He has shown you and your siblings a great example of how a man should love his family.  Remember all the times he played with you all and how he always cooks with love.  That feeling you are getting in the pit of your stomach is Daddy.  It warms your heart and makes you smile.  Whenever you are feeling down and you can’t think of how to cheer yourself up, think of those moments, I promise you will smile every time.

praying children

For all the knock down drag out fights you have had with your siblings, remember that they are also the ones that will always come to your rescue. You will always be their “Baby Sister” and there is no place on this Earth that they won’t come if you call.  Remember to always let them know you love them and talk to them on a regular basis.  The bond you all have can never be broken and there’s nothing in the world that can separate you all.  Even if you all can’t talk everyday carry with you in your heart when you look into their eyes today that they truly love and want the best for you.  (Please let your husband know he’s gaining 5 crazy women and 2 muscle bound men, he don’t want them problems, lol)

For all the time you had to spend at family functions and you were thinking you could truly be somewhere else, remember Papa’s corny jokes help paved the way for you to be okay to be different and corny, that Gigi always made you feel special, like you are the only girl in the world, Grandma Theresa turned you into a fierce little diva with style and grace and that Grandfather Tony is always amazed by you. Your aunties love you like no other.  They are part of the reason you are the woman you are today, fearless, ambitious, happy, confident; they helped instill all those things in you.  And let’s not forget your uncle, he’s weird, but again that opens the door for you to embrace your own weirdness.  Remember Granny Boo and Pop-pop are always teaching you, it’s important that you continue to learn something new every day.  When in doubt you have a host of cousins that are always ready and available.

So, my dear, it’s getting close to the time where Daddy and I will give you away. I’m happy and a little sad.  You’ve been ours for so long and to think that someone from the outside (I like him, but he’s stealing my baby today) is going to get to enjoy you as we have makes my heart ache.  I know that the decision you have made to bring this man into your life is one you did not take lightly so I respect it and embrace him as well.  Thank you my darling daughter for changing our lives and completing our family all those years ago.  Loving you forever and always, Mom

(Groom your sons now because I will be locked and loaded when it comes time for her to start dating.)

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