Hot Kid Crew: To My Sister, The Teenager

Dear Anissa,

praying childrenLook here best friend I need for you to take every sentence I’m writing down, listen to every word and really let this sink in. You are a young beautiful African-American female and I know you are very intelligent. You are smart with a smart mouth, ha. I need for you to have your own dreams no matter how high or low, accomplish each goal you set out to do.  Do not procrastinate about these dreams and goals because life has time but its not limitless amounts of time.  I need for you to focus on all parts of your life socially and mentally and make sure you are doing things in your favor.  Your happiness should be everything to you before anyone else’s.  Probably around the time you are reading this you are going to be at the age of exploring relationships.  Relationships are a want, not a need.  You never need anyone there unless you want them there, a lot of times you are going to get someone there who wants to manipulate your mind and influence you with things that sound fun, DON’T DO IT!  Please lil lady, because I’ve been that girl so many times I literally wrote the book for being gullible. So use your own mind before someone else uses it for you. There’s something I need for you to also remember, best friend, I am here forever no matter how far away I am or if you think I’m going be mad at you.  I am here, your personal diary, nothing can break our bond or stop me from loving you.  I can’t even tell you how much success I want in your future and happiness.  It’s all in your hands.

Love, your best friend forever, Symone

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