Hot Tips: Supporters of The Single Moms Conference Cleveland

Thank  you! 1Shout Out to all the Individuals and companies that participated in this remarkable event.  If you missed out, please visit them:

Cleveland Young Lives: There are more than 1 million teenage girls who become pregnant every year, and more than 500,000 of them become mothers.  This makes YoungLives mission one that is ripe for harvest.  We believe that we have an incredible opportunity to have a generational impact not only on the lives of teen girls facing the challenges of parenthood but on their children as well.  Younglives is a life-on-life ministry that allows us to come alongside teen mom and their babies to offer acceptance, counsel, friendship, hope and love.

From Lemons to Lemonade is a support group of and for single mothers. Founded in January of 2010, FL2L began as a support group of 5 single mothers who met in each other’s living room once a month. It soon grew in popularity because the need was great, and FL2L hosted its first seminar catered to single mothers in August of 2010. One year after its inception, FL2L became an incorporated non-profit recognized by the State of Ohio, and the support group meetings spread across two counties. Since then, FL2L has been featured in The Plain Dealer (4x), The News-Herald, and The Cleveland State Cauldron. We are committed to providing an excellent and unique resource to single mothers across Northeast Ohio and beyond through social media and face-to-face interactions.

Books@Work Books@Work develops critical thinkers by offering literature seminars at the workplace. We benefit society by creating a broad network of lifelong learners; we partner with employers to inspire their employees to collaborate, communicate, and engage.

United Healthcare: If you’re looking for health insurance that’s low cost or no cost to you, you’ve come to the right place. We’re UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. We offer Medicaid plans, Medicare Advantage plans and more. Find the plan you’re looking for today.

Thyme and Sage is a beautifully unique company! 🍴🍢🍤🍝 “Thyme and Sage is specialty spice shop waiting to take your taste buds on a journey!”

One More Bite is a baking company started by Christine Sanders.  Contact them for all your flavorful delectable

Help Me Grow is a statewide program for expectant parents, infants, and toddlers that provides health and developmental services so that children start school healthy and ready to learn.”

Top Tier Contractors is a local company. They live here with our families and understand the uniqueness of northeast Ohio. They work hard and place a high premium on integrity, honesty and hard work.

Pretty Doll Luxury Hair:  Enjoys seeing women being themselves, being confident and just being simply beautiful. Wearing Pretty Doll will save you time on those hectic days with the kids. Pretty Doll will embrace your natural beauty. Their hair is 💯% virgin human hair. Their hair is incredibly soft and beautiful, matte & tangle-free, none to minimal shedding & can be bleached and dyed & will last 2 years with proper care.  They have 3.5 ounce bundles.  They have 6 curl patterns of #BrazilianHair.  They have Brazilian body wave, Brazilian straight, Brazilian deep curl, Brazilian loose body and Brazilian little curly!!! Come get Pretty dolled up with #PrettyDollLuxuryHair. They have bundles on sale starting at $69 dollars. Pretty Doll is helping women share their beauty inside and out providing luxury hair at a quality price.

Latisha Taylor wrote and published her own book. She is from Cleveland Ohio. This book is very inspirational and not only will it help women, but also men.  The book speaks about her upbringing in poverty while in a household of 9 children. This book speaks about abuse, and how she had to make a choice when it came to life or death! This book highlights how she was a single parent while trying to go to nursing school. This book also accounts how she caught a case, overcame jail and lack of financial means. It Is A Guide To Show You How Perseverance and Your Relationship With God Can Get You Through!”

Living Rich” Sharia and her daughter created a clothing line called “Living Rich”. Named after themselves (Livingston & Richardson), they created fashionable t-shirt designs strictly for women and young ladies. Some of which conveying a positive message.  Her daughter also runs a monthly blog called “Living Rich Girlz” for young lady readers. Living Rich is not only a clothing line but a way of life which they express with our slogan “Be Happy, Be You, Live Free, Live Rich”! “- Sharia Livingston

Love M.O.M is here to encourage, inspire and empower mothers, young and old, with the necessary education, resources and tools to be the best mothers they can be for their children and be the best versions of themselves as women. They are the backbone of women in their time of need and consistently reminding them that they are not alone.  They provide an environment where women are able to express themselves freely about their day to day ventures of being a mother.  They understand the importance of the role women are placed in for our younger generation, fellow mothers, mothers to be and take it very seriously. The information that they instill in women today will be beneficial for their interaction with their children and family in the future.

Breakthrough Schools are a tuition-free, non-profit public charter schools.  They are recognized nationally as the best charter schools in Cleveland. Their public charter schools have high expectations for everyone – children and adults – and believe in every student. Like all the best public charter schools, they do what’s best for their students, and make sure every child receives a high-quality education to prepare them for success in college and in life.

Warrior Princess symbolizes the strength and beauty that every woman possesses. No matter how young or how old, we have all faced challenges in our lives. Whether you are dealing with a difficult breakup, an illness, or loss of any sort. Whether you have been let down, pushed down, looked over or passed up. Whether you are in gym and trying to get through your last difficult set or outside running your last mile.  Warrior Princess wear represents your strength, determination, and willpower to overcome any obstacle and never give up. A warrior princess makes no apologies or excuses for being strong. Rather she wears her power proudly.

The Lorelle F.A.I.T.H Foundation was founded after the birth Lorelle Faith Pride who has the chromosomal disorder, Trisomy 13. After a prognosis of a month to live, hospice and several surgeries, Lorelle’s life has demonstrated God’s miraculous ability and His grace. Her life is the testimony behind the foundation, and our faith is the core. The foundation has one sole purpose and that is to bless others. Our motto is “we bless those who bless others”. For that reason alone, we donate to deserving organizations all year. Donations include but are not limited to books, clothes, and monetary donations. In just two short years, our annual Total Healing F.A.I.T.H. Walk has raised close to three thousand dollars each year for deserving organizations such Matthews’ Lending Library. We believe in Total Healing and together we can make a difference!

Fatima Family Center, located in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood, provides programs and services for all ages, including an early learning center, Head Start, cultural, leadership and development activities for children and youth, homework assistance, summer camp, field trips and recreational programs. Fatima also provides adult services including parenting classes, computer lab, health screenings and food pantry. Older adults can benefit from socialization activities designed specifically for them.

Originally established in 1973 as a pastoral counseling and outreach ministry of Our Lady of Fatima parish, Fatima Family Center prominently anchors the Hough community with a 26,000 square foot facility developed by Catholic Charities and dedicated in 2000. In 2002 Fatima was recognized by the Annie E. Casey Foundation as one of the top five family centers in the United States.

Life Skills operates centers in Ohio, Arizona and Colorado and offers an alternative high school education to students between the ages of 16 – 21. Class hours and curriculum are designed to be flexible enough to fit each individual’s needs. In addition to computer based learning and highly qualified teachers available for one-on-one attention, Life Skills assists students outside of the classroom with job placement and counseling for higher education.

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