Hot Tips: Let’s Chill!

There are so many ways people can reduce stress.  I found these two links to be extremely helpful: Stress Management for Parents: (out of the 52 proven ways to reduce stress, I find #12 to be unreasonable, just my opinion, lol) 10 Ways to Reduce Single Parent Stress: (found these to be more helpful) Continue reading Hot Tips: Let’s Chill!

Hot Kids Crew: Mom, Are you okay?!

(Featuring Jayda Nix, a junior in high school currently working with me as a mentoree in my office and Tania Clark, a senior in high school, currently working with my sister as a mentoree.  These two give you something to think about when handling your stress with your child(ren)) What is your define of stress? Anything that causes a person to worry if your life is not smooth sailing then you’re stressed about something.(TC) Not being in your normal state of mind, not being able to focus. Overwhelmed.(JN) How do you handle your own stress? I  just simply sleep it … Continue reading Hot Kids Crew: Mom, Are you okay?!

Hot Mom, Hot Topics: The Wine Down

How many times do you find yourself flipping out, and then apologizing for your actions?  Life happens, as much as we try to plan and prepare, life hits us and we must learn to prepare for these moments.  We all suffer from various forms of stress, children’s other parents, parent’s health, our health, employment, finances, and the list can go on and on.  At some point in time, as organized as all moms are, stress rears its ugly head and we must deal with it.  Stress- that dreaded moment life catches up to you or catches you off guard and … Continue reading Hot Mom, Hot Topics: The Wine Down