Hot Kids Crew: Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?!

  1. friendsHow many best friends do you have and why do you consider them your best friends?

We both have one real best friend which is each other. I consider Swazy my only best friend because she has been there through every trial and/or tribulation I’ve had in the past 3 years, no matter what it’s been and every good time I’ve had she made it better I can always talk to her about whatever subject that crosses my mind and I am completely myself around her she accepts that self no matter how deep stuff gets and vice versa.

  1. Have you ever felt like you and a friend are growing apart, what did you decide to do about it?

Yes friendships fall apart all the time. We’ve grown apart from multiple people who weren’t trying to progress in life. We grew to have different interests and whatever other reasons people fall apart. Sometimes trying to rekindle the friendship isn’t a good idea. So instead of trying to stay in contact, I just let them go.

  1. How do you celebrate your friends achieving a goal or something good happening to them?

With plenty of praise and some turn up lol. Because accomplishments matter to people and everyone wants to make somebody proud (even if it’s themselves) or be acknowledged in some way for the work they put in.

  1. As a young lady do you find that we as ladies tend to be catty towards one another even if we say we are friends?

Not I. Sometimes I observe females who are on the defense or catty around females they don’t know or feel a slight competition toward. Personally I’m the same all the time unless I have a reason to not want to associate or be around a person.

  1. What qualities do you look for in friends?

Besides the regular qualities you would look for in anyone you decide to associate with like honesty, compassion, humor etc. I like friends who have goals and ambitions that want to be better in life or at least have a plan and don’t want to be in the same spot 15 years from now. I look for people who are creative, open to learn, talk and be aware of the world around us. (Removed this sentence and I’m thinking about calling her mama) I could go on but those are a few basics.

  1. Do you pick your friends based on the advice of your parents or have relationships just developed and turned into friendships?

I actually don’t pick friends. I don’t base any of my decisions on anyone’s advice. If I vibe with someone then we’re cool. If they show their qualities and I’m interested then cool.

  1. At your age (how old are you) Do you believe these friendships will last a lifetime?

I am 19 years old and I honestly don’t think anything will last a lifetime besides Swazy and I. I’m not just saying that because I’m young and in love I’m saying that because even if we are not in a romantic relationship we will always have an unbreakable bond.

  1. If you could go back in time and give 13 year old Kacie advice about friends what would the advice be?

I would say find people who are your friends even when everyone else doesn’t want to be. Don’t follow behind anyone and always be honest with the people you want to stick around.

  1. How do you handle when your parents don’t like one of your friends?

It doesn’t really matter but I always keep good company and I have great judgement of character so there shouldn’t be any reason that my parents don’t like anyone I hang around.

  1. Define loyalty, not from the dictionary but from your own perspective.

Loyalty is everything. Loyalty is no switching up, no lying, no cheating, no deception of any kind no associating with someone I find disloyal. Loyalty is everything.

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