Hot Kids Crew: #IAmMental

(featuring my daughter Symone and her take on her own personal battle with anxiety) Do you feel comfortable explaining your anxiety to people? Yes I feel comfortable explaining my anxiety to people so I can help other people out. When did you discover your anxiety issues? My anxiety started my senior year of high school a lot of pressure and its crunch time all eyes on me and that triggered it every day. Can you explain what a panic attack feels like? Panic attacks feel as if your airways blocked off and you can’t breathe, but you’re trying harder to … Continue reading Hot Kids Crew: #IAmMental

Hot Mom, Hot Topics: Helpless, Lost, and Confused

Next week launches mental health awareness week. This topic is near to me as I’ve had to deal with this in my life on different levels. The most connected to me would be my daughter Symone. Symone is my rebel kid who has thoughts, dreams, and an opinion about everything. She never seems uncomfortable and always appears confident, that was until one day during our trip to Walmart. This was the first time since she started grade school that I saw a look of terror on her face. The extreme discomfort disturbed me, my first thought was someone had said … Continue reading Hot Mom, Hot Topics: Helpless, Lost, and Confused