Hot Tips: Supporters of The Single Moms Conference Cleveland

Shout Out to all the Individuals and companies that participated in this remarkable event.  If you missed out, please visit them: Cleveland Young Lives: There are more than 1 million teenage girls who become pregnant every year, and more than 500,000 of them become mothers.  This makes YoungLives mission one that is ripe for harvest.  We believe that we have an incredible opportunity to have a generational impact not only on the lives of teen girls facing the challenges of parenthood but on their children as well.  Younglives is a life-on-life ministry that allows us to come alongside teen mom and … Continue reading Hot Tips: Supporters of The Single Moms Conference Cleveland

Hot Mom, Hot Topics: The Single Mom’s Conference is OVER, Now What?!

Last weekend was one of the most exciting weekends I’ve had. Watching and being a part of this production was eye-opening, encouraging and re-affirming for me.  So many moms from all over Cleveland were able to get together and enjoy each other.  The number of hugs I received that day was unbelievable.  We were all excited to be in the presence of each other to enrich each other’s lives, to learn from each other, and of course to have a great time.  The Single Moms Conference was a platform to open eyes and doors for those moms in attendance and … Continue reading Hot Mom, Hot Topics: The Single Mom’s Conference is OVER, Now What?!

Ways to Co-parent

Sit down and have a conversation with your co-parent about future arrangements involving the child(ren) and have a set plan. DO NOT use the child as a defense mechanism against your co-parent. Do not force your child to choose sides if a disagreement with your co-parent arises. Be understanding if a previous arrangement may have to be changed due to the schedule of your co-parent. Do not allow your child to talk badly about your co-parent even though it may not sound so bad. Co-parenting should consist of respect on both ends. Do not talk badly about your co-parent in … Continue reading Ways to Co-parent

We Need you!

This week I decided to ask some kids about their future goals and how we as a community can help them. Each provided some feedback.  If you or someone you know can answer the call to encourage or mentor them, please email so that you may connect.  (I love these babies so I will be verifying you are on the up and up, PS. It is no spelling error) Jayda Nix My name is Jayda Nix and I am a junior in high school. I am 16 years old. When I graduate high school my goal is to … Continue reading We Need you!


Writing this I could not come up with a catchy title that would help me express what I truly want to say. I am going to be as transparent as I can without jabbing, so bear with me.  Every time I hear those words together child “support” I cringe.  The thought that financing a child is in any way “support” bothers my spirit.  Okay, so financially it may be support but I wish I could change the word support because I think that once people hear it they feel as though that’s enough I’ve fulfilled my child support obligation by … Continue reading Child SUPPORT!