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My Mom, the Single One

(Featuring my daughter Symone)


Q1: What is your definition of a single Mom?

A1: A woman who was born with the skills to build and sacrifice anything for their child

Q2: Do you view being a single mom as a negative:

A2: No, because you’re still there for the child instead of abandoning the child. I think widows are the strongest single moms because they once had a partner and now they don’t due to death. They have to remain strong and deal with that loss.

Q3: Have you ever felt bad at an event because only one parent was present?

A3: Yes. I have felt bad at an event when my mom was the only parent there. I feel like you have two parents but the other one is not interested in you so just mom shows up.

Q4: How do you feel about your mom dating?

A4: At first I was like why would you let another man take my father’s place. Then I sat back and looked at it from my mom’s point. This person made her happy, I want my mom to be happy. Her happiness is important to me.

Q5: Do you think other people think negatively about single moms?

A5: Yes. People only think negatively because they view men as breadwinners and how can a woman support a household on her own with no man. To me a woman has a closer connection with wanting to take care of the family because she actually carries the kid.

Q6: What would you tell another child that is embarrassed because they’re being raised by a single mom?

A6: I really don’t have any advice. I’m not embarrassed. This is our life, my mom is doing her best.

Q7: Do you feel like a child in a two parent home has a better chance at life that one that comes from the home of a single mom?

A7: No. Either way all parents should add to the support system. A home to should be a happy place for all kids no matter who lives there.

Q8: What would you say to someone that has a negative view of a single parent home?

A8: People outside the home need to watch who they judge. They don’t know the reason why there is only one parent in the home and unless they are willing to help that person should keep their opinions to themselves.

Q9: Does coming from a single parent home change your views about one day having a family of your own?

A9: No. My life and the way I live is separate from how I grew up. If I decide to get married and have a family it will be by my own decisions that I make. I have to live my own life.

Q10: What advice would you give a single mom that may be feeling guilty about being a single mom?

A10: Don’t be ashamed. Your kids are a blessing and if the lame that left you can’t understand your worth or the worth of your kids they’re not good enough for any of y’all.

Symone is my oldest daughter. She recently graduated from high school and is pursuing a degree in culinary arts. She is my most, so far, opinionated child and has a firecracker personality. (all answers are straight from her, with grammatical errors corrected by mom)



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