My Mom, the Single One

(Featuring my daughter Symone) Q1: What is your definition of a single Mom? A1: A woman who was born with the skills to build and sacrifice anything for their child Q2: Do you view being a single mom as a negative: A2: No, because you’re still there for the child instead of abandoning the child. I think widows are the strongest single moms because they once had a partner and now they don’t due to death. They have to remain strong and deal with that loss. Q3: Have you ever felt bad at an event because only one parent was … Continue reading My Mom, the Single One

Single Mom Here, Hear me ROAR

So let’s start this conversation….I am a proud single mom. Let me define that for you because this topic has gotten me in hot water before. I am currently in a loving relationship with an awesome man, who has my heart (you’ll meet him later I’m sure) but according to the government and a few old ladies from the church, until he puts a ring on it there’s a big fat scarlet “S” on my chest. So for anybody who saw the single and got excited, sorry this lady is taken! But back to the topic at hand, so society … Continue reading Single Mom Here, Hear me ROAR